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  • Our Image

    Our Image

    Inclusive as heaven is, creation makes lasting achievements! However supreme and inclusive the heaven is, a company relies on continuous creation and innovation to support its long-term development;

    To become a leader of pipe manufacturing in China, the company has to focus on the industrial improvements and promotion and to keep close watch over the industrial development, and should support the core business lines of the company by its robust productivity and capacity in product innovation, in order to identify and master new value growth in the industry.

  • Our Vision

    Our Vision

    The vision serves as an engine driving the growth of Tianchuang. It inspires and calls for the enormous power in the employees of Tianchuang and arouses the huge cohesion among the people in Tianchuang. The vision of "becoming a leading pipe manufacturer in China" explicitly demonstrates the current and future strategies of Tianchuang, encouraging people in Tianchuang to pool their minds and efforts to realize the vision.

  • Our Spirits

    Our Spirits

    Our company spirits have fully demonstrated the attitudes, the strong will, and the mental states of people in Tianchuang, and are also the personalized presentation of the personality and images of people in Tianchuang.

    Tianchuang is a believing and responsible modern enterprise. The long-term market competition has shaped the ambitious characters of Tianchuang as a company that has lofty goals, is practical and focused on self-improvement and never gets self-satisfied. It also builds up the spirits of "concrete success and unlimited pursuit".

  • Our Mission

    Our Mission

    The mission of a company stands for the purpose and meaning of its existence and is also the roles and responsibility in the social development. The mission of Tianchuang is the responsibilities and obligations of Tianchuang in realizing its long-term goals.

  • Core Values

    Core Values

    The core values are the creeds a company holds to and guides all its working staff in the process of company management. The core values help to create an invisible but powerful atmosphere inside the company, so that all employees are inspired and encouraged to adjust their mental states and acts under the core values and realize their personal values while helping the company to realize the overall goals.

    "Sincerity, dedication and Innovation" are the core values of people in Tianchuang during the long-term company development, and are also the common belief and code of conducts that guide people in Tianchuang in the pursuit for their personal goals.

  • Management Philosophy

    Management Philosophy

    The continuous and effective company management must be based on strong power and the correct utilization of such power. Tianchuang holds to the principles of "making standard a convention and make conventions compliant with standards" in its team building, in order to train qualified employees and to make satisfactory achievements in job operation. The implementation of a philosophy finally depends on specific jobs at various positions and at different links of the job. Goals should be realized through the implementation of various standards, so as to promote the in-depth development of overall arrangements. The only way to ensure satisfactory quality and effect in standard operation procedures is that all employees involved stick to the working standards and develop proper personal habits, and should also are good at utilizing and mastering the standards.

  • Operating Philosophy

    Operating Philosophy

    Operating philosophy is about improving the operating efficiency and effect and improving the value creation of a company. To Tianchuang, benefits come from the operation guided by overall insights and the best ratio between investments and returns.

  • Learning Philosophy

    Learning Philosophy

    In the era of knowledge economy, learning has become the increasingly important source of vitality of a company, and the future winners have to be "experts of learning". Tianchuang lays great importance to learning and takes it as the responsibility and source of its future development.

  • Environmental Protection

    Environmental Protection

    Environment is the lifeline that supports all mankind on the planet. As a company with special attention on environmental protection, we say no to all materials or actions that may cause pollution to the environment.

    Environmental protection is not only our responsibilities to employees or the society, but also our responsibilities to the descendants, because it is a conscience and more importantly our liability.

    The only way for us to win respects from the people is to effectively implement the environmental policies and to fulfill our obligations in relation to environmental protection.

  • Safety Philosophy

    Safety Philosophy

    The safety philosophy of Tianchuang provides us the basis for good production safety and also guides the safety management activities of the company.