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W Beam Highway Guardrail
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W Beam Highway Guardrail

W-beam highway guardrails, corrugated guardrails, high-speed anti-collision bars, bridge guardrails, etc., commonly known as wave guardrails, can be divided into two-wave, three-wave wave guardrails.

The W metal beam crash barrier is composed of two corrugated steel guardrail plates and two vertical columns sandwiched between the two. The two vertical column clamps are clamped between two corrugated steel guardrail plates. When the vehicle collides with it, the corrugated steel beam guardrail board has good crashworthiness and energy absorption, and it is not easy to be destroyed, and at the same time, it can protect the vehicle and the passengers. 

Tianchuang, a professional W beam highway guardrail manufacturer, has high-quality W beam guardrail for sale. You can check the information about our w beam guardrail for sale below. If you are interested or have any doubts about our w beam guardrail for sale, please feel free to contact us.

Features of W Beam Guardrail

Bending increases the appearance and increases the strength of the slab of W beam guardrail. Both are available. As one of the most professional W beam guardrail suppliers in China, Tianchuan uses automatic production line. The automatic W beam guardrail production line is extruded, the surface is clean and undamaged, and the corrosion resistance of W beam guardrail is extremely strong.

The surface treatment is mature; anti-corrosion, anti-ageing and anti-sun. It has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance and low temperature. The service life in the outdoor environment can reach 10-25 years.

The product structure is concise, beautiful and practical, easy to transport and install, and has a good anti-theft performance. It is limited by actual terrain. For mountains, slopes and bends. The zone has strong adaptability and moderate cost, which is suitable for large-scale adoption.

Principles of W Beam Guard rail

1.The corrugated beam guardrail is the main form of the semi-steel guardrail. It is a continuous structure in which corrugated steel guardrails are spliced to each other and supported by columns.

2.It uses the deformation of soil foundation, column and beam to absorb the collision energy, and forces the out-of-control vehicle to twist the direction, return to the normal driving track, avoid the vehicle rushing out of the road to protect the vehicle and passengers, and reduce the loss caused by traffic accidents.

3.The corrugated beam guardrail steel is soft and has the function of absorbing collision energy. It has the function of line-of-sight induction. It can be coordinated with the road line shape. The steel highway guardrail has a beautiful appearance and can be used on small radius bends.

As one of the most professional steel guardrail manufacturers, Tianchuang is dedicated to providing customers with the galvanized guard rail for sale, thrie beam guardrail, w beam highway guardrail, etc.

Classification of W Beam Highway Guardrail

Colour: galvanized silver-white, spray green, white, blue, gold and so on.

1.According to the waveform, it can be divided into a double wave waveform guardrail and a three-wave waveform guardrail.

2.According to the surface treatment, it is divided into two types: hot-dip galvanized wave guardrail and galvanized spray.

3.According to the setting location, it can be divided into a roadside guardrail and a central divider with a guardrail.

4.According to the anti-collision level, it can be divided into A level and S level. The S-class guardrail is of the enhanced type and the A-class is used for the special road.

Commonly used roadside wave beam guardrails can be divided into five levels according to the anti-collision level of B, A, SB, SA, and SS. As a professional w beam guardrail manufacturer in China, Tianchuang has high-quality w beam guardrail for sale. If you want to buy w beam guardrail or get more information, please feel free to contact us!

W Beam Highway Guardrail

W Beam Highway Guardrail

W Beam Highway Guardrail

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