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Bolts are mechanical parts, usually a cylindrical threaded fastener with nuts. If the nut is unscrewed fastener bolt, the two parts can be separated. Thus the bolt connection is a detachable connection. There are many different types of bolts such as hot-dip galvanized hex bolt, zinc plated hex bolt, hot-dip galvanized highway guardrail bolt and hot dip galvanized power tower bolt. Custom bolts bulk, tower bolt wholesale, and standard bolts are also available in Tianchuang, your reliable bolt manufacturer.

Different types of bolts

Specification of bolts for sale

Finish:ZINC PLATED, Plain, Black Oxide, Hot dip galvanized, Chrome Plated, Passivation
Measurement system:Metric; INCH.
Application:Heavy Industry, Automotive Industry
Place of Origin:HEBEI, China
Brand Name:TC; YT; OEM.
Standard:DIN33/DIN931; GB; UNC/UNF; BSW; GOST; USS; ANSI; ASME; JIS; ISO; or customized.
Material:Carbon steel, stainless steel, Brass, Aluminum, etc.
Size:M4~M100 or #4-24" or be customized
Delivery mode:By air, by sea, or by express such as EMS, UPS, TNT, DHL, etc.
Advantage:Factory outlet and competitive price
Package:Bags; Cartons & pallets or according to customer's requirement.
Delivery time:Normally in 15-30 days

Why Choose Tianchuang as My Bolts Supplier

Tianchuang, one of the reliable and professional bolts suppliers, has fully demonstrated the attitudes, the strong will, and the mental states of people in the development of bolts company.

We are also a believing and responsible modern enterprise of producing different types of nuts and bolts all around the world. The competitive market has made Tianchuang an ambitious determination to be the leading bolts factory in China. If you have any questions such as the bolts price, please do not hesitate to connect us. It would be a great pleasure to answer your questions. Come and buy bolts in bulk in Tianchuang!

Advantages of Security Bolts Connections

Security bolts connections between different members of a steel framework can not only improve the flow of forces but also allow the transfer of forces up to the foundation level. Here are some benefits of security bolts connections.

  • Use of unskilled labor and simple tools in terms of small nuts and bolts

  • No special equipment or process is needed for installation even you use the metric bolts.

  • Nuts and bolts hardware do not allow any slip between the elements connected, especially in close tolerance holes, thus providing rigid connections.

  • Since bolts and fasteners under working loads do not rely on resistance from bearing, holes larger than usual can be provided to ease erection and take care of lack of fit. Thus the holes may be standard, extra-large, or short/long slotted.

Selection Types of Bolt Material

Different types of nut bolts are designed from different materials. The following materials are usually used in manufacturing nut bolts.

  • Nylon Bolts: They are lightweight and water-resistant.

  • Bronze and Brass Bolts: They are water-resistant.

  • Stainless Bolts: They have good strength and are corrosion resistant.

  • Steel Bolts: They have good strength.

  • Titanium Bolts: They are strong, light, and corrosion-resistant.

  • Plastic Bolts: They are inexpensive and corrosion-resistant. Generally, they are used for light loads.

  • Copper alloy Bolts: They are wear-resistant and have good load capacity.

  • Zinc Plated Hex Bolts: They are thermally and electrically conductive.