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Galvanized Guardrail
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Galvanized Guardrail

Tianchuang has good-quality galvanized guardrail for sale!

The highway anti-collision guardrail is a typical cold-formed steel product. The specification is 4320*310*3. Tianchuang has high-quality galvanized guardrail for sale. The steel strip automatic leveling adopted by the US R425 rolling mill introduced by the company, precision feeding and punching, 18-roller slow forming, and computer cut-off Such advanced technological conditions ensure the shape and shape of the galvanized corrugated guardrail to the utmost extent. And the galvanized corrugated guardrail's cross-sectional dimensions fully meet the requirements of the YB4081-92 standard. Tianchuang, as a professional Galvanized Guardrail Manufacturer, has high-quality galvanized guardrail for sale. You can check more information about our galvanized guar drail for sale below. Welcome to contact.

Application of galvanized guard rail

The galvanized guard rail can be widely used on highways. As one of the most reliable China pipe suppliers, Tianchuang is dedicated to providing you with the good quality highway products.

Material of the galvanized steel guardrail

The galvanized steel guardrail is made by the stainless steel metal high-strength guardrail board.

Technical field: The utility model guardrail board is mainly used for the division protection of highway lanes.

Galvanized guardrail for sale

There are different types of galvanized guardrails for sale. Therefore, you have numerous options to select the most pleasing and suited galvanized steel guardrail. Come and contact us if you are interested in our galvanized guardrail.

Why use galvanizing for the highway guardrail?

Nowadays, the galvanized steel guardrail is the most common material in the use of highway guardrails. The manufacturing principle of galvanized steel guardrail is actually attached to the surface of the guardrail anti-corrosion, anti-aging chemicals. The surface of galvanized steel guardrail can increase its corrosion resistance because the working environment of the galvanized steel guardrail is exposed to the air. In order to effectively extend the service life of galvanized guard rail, it is necessary to carry out galvanizing work. Hot dip galvanized guardrail can increase the guardrail firm and achieve long-term stability. In the installation of galvanized guard rail or protection measures, hot-dip galvanized guardrail conforms to the effective chemical composition index to ensure the good mechanical property and impact resistance of guardrail in the design of carbon structure. Galvanizing also takes into account the role of beautiful appearance, but the more important benefit is that it can save a lot of unnecessary trouble for later work. Compared with the traditional guardrail, galvanized guard rail has a very effective strength advantage of corrosion resistance.

 Tianchuang's galvanized guard rail for sale has good corrosion resistance. Are you looking for the suitable galvanized guardrail for sale? Tianchuang is your ideal choice.

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