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Tianchuang is a manufacturer of fasteners for worldwide partners for over 25 years. With our professional technical team’s hard work and the efforts of the leadership, we’ve won the trust of our customers all over the world.

We have a strict inspection system depending on Standard: DIN, ANSI, ASTM, DIN, ISO, ANSI, ASTM, GB, JIS, etc. So that we can supply high-quality products. At the same time, with our optimized producing process, we can offer our products at a competitive price for all our customers.

Cooperation projects: Bangladesh Padma bridge;  Laos, Wan cieng to Cientiane highway; Rwanda LOD7 project; Gabon port Gentil—Omboue Road and Ogooue Ricer Booue Bridge; Beijing Daxing International Airport; Beijing Garden Expo Park; Tiananmen Square Reconstruction Project; International Trade Centre Building phase III; Jinan Olympic Sports Center; etc.

Types of Fasteners

A brief introduction to Tianchuang hardware fasteners

Fasteners refer to a mechanical term including a wide category of tools, such as rods, washers, screws, nuts, etc. All of these above are share the same purpose, which is to mechanically hold objects together. If you are going to use a fastener to link two parts together, you can remove the parts and do not bother with the separate piece. Fasteners are able to hold two objects tighter which means they can operate under heavy pressure. As one of the wholesale fastener distributors, Tianchuang provides different types of fasteners for customers. Come and buy fasteners in our company!

  • Nuts for sale

A nut is a fastening device consisting of a square or hexagonal block in technology. As one of the professional industrial fasteners manufacturers, we promise you a high-quality nut used for hardware fasteners.

  • Bolts for sale

Bolt is one of the cylindrical threaded joint industrial fasteners with nuts. It is a type of fastener consisting of a head and a screw, which is matched with a nut to fasten and connect two parts.

  • Screws for sale

As one of the industrial fastener suppliers, we aim at providing screws of different furniture fasteners, such as screws of wall fasteners, window fasteners, door fasteners, and fence fasteners.

  • Washers for sale

A Washer refers to one of the industrial fasteners which are cushioned between the connected piece and the nut. Generally, a flat metal ring is used to protect the surface of the connected part.

  • Rods for sale

Rod refers to a cylinder with spiral grooves cut on the outer surface or cones with spiral grooves cut on the tapered surface. All the rods of fasteners wholesale in Tianchuang are at a reasonable price.

Practical Tips for Choosing Different Fasteners

There are various types of fasteners available. But it is not easy for you to select the right one without deep consideration. Here are some practical tips for you in terms of buying satisfying precision fasteners.

  • Think about the application of fasteners bulk

The type of fasteners and their uses mostly depends on the requirement of the application. It is crucial for productivity purposes for the design of the fastener matters in the amount of torque it can take.

  • Choose the right thread metric fasteners

Threads matter a lot in the design of an industrial fastener. There are different kinds of threaded rods applied in manufacturing, such as fine (UNF), coarse (UNC).

  • Know more about the materials of precision fasteners

A lot of materials are applied in making mechanical fasteners. Carbon steel is widely used in fastener manufacturing for its strength and work properties.

Industrial Applications of Fasteners Wholesale

As a professional fasteners manufacturer, we provide you kinds of fasteners in terms of different applications. Here is a list of these applications for you.

  • Military: Fasteners are designed to bear the stress of high temperatures and bad conditions such as engines, motors, and process equipment.  

  • Oilfield: Fasteners perform well in the corrosive environment in the oilfield.

  • Turbine & Power Generation: Fasteners can be used in electrical devices, turbines, exhaust systems, storage vessels, etc.

  • Chemical Refining: Fasteners are wildly used in the operation of tanks and vessels as well as processing equipment.

  • Marine: Fasteners are popular in marine applications. We devote ourselves to being a leading company with all different kinds of fasteners.

Industrial Fasteners From the Tianchuang Fastener Experts

As one of the leading industrial fasteners manufacturers, Tianchuang focuses on its development principles of large scale, specialization, and brand building. With rich experience in the fastener industry, we can give you practical advice and guide you to select the right one at a reasonable fasteners price. We not only serve domestic customers, but also have a broad overseas market, such as the Middle East, Africa, Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia. With highly recognized by construction units, Tianchuang fastener distributor promises to keep on mutual respect and producing different types of fasteners.

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