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Guardrail Square Column
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Guardrail Square Column

1. Executive standard: GB / T31439.1-2015; GB / T31439.2-2015; GB / T18226-2015

2. Scope of application: two-wave and three-wave steel guardrails for highways, urban roads and other places.

3. Material of material: Q235

Highway metal guardrails are essential to the highway which can protect the vehicle and If you want to buy the galvanized steel guardrail, guard rail columns, etc., you can find Tianchuang, one of the steel guardrail manufacturers.

Specifications of Hot-dip galvanized corrugated beam column

Category:Steel Pipe, Square Pipe
D (outer diameter):114 ± 1.14 140 ± 1.4
Square tube D (outer diameter):130 ± 1.0
Wall thickness:4.5 + unlimited-0.25; 6 + unlimited -0.3
Hole pitch:100 ± 2 150 ± 2
Hot-dip galvanized corrugated beam column
Product Name:square column
Average galvanized coating adhesion :600 g/m²
Minimum galvanized layer thickness :85μm
Coating uniformity:25%
Hot-dip galvanized polyester composite coating corrugated beam steel square column
Product Name:square column
Average galvanized coating adhesion:275g/m²
Average zinc layer thickness:39μm
Minimum polyester coating thickness:76μm
Corrugated beam steel fence square column
114 column φ114 * 4.5 single coating φ114 * 4.5 composite coating
140 column φ140 * 4.5 single coating φ140 * 4.5 composite coating
130 column F130 * 6.0 single coating F130 * 6.0 composite coating

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