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Washers are cushioned between the connecting piece and the nut. Generally, there are two basic types of washers which are flat washers and spring washers. They are designed for protecting the surface of the connecting piece from nut abrasion, disperse the nut pressure on the connecting piece. As a leading and reliable flat washer supplier and spring washer supplier, we promise to provide different types of washers which can meet your demanding requirements. The flat and spring washer price is very reasonable in Tianchuang. Come and buy a flat and spring washer if you are interested in our products.

Different Types of Washers

Specification of flat washer and spring washer

Name:Flat washer; spring washer; etc.
Finish:Hot dip galvanized; Black; ZINC plate; Plain; etc.
Material:carbon steel; etc.
Application:Heavy Industry; Mining; general industry; etc.
Place of Origin:Hebei, China
Standard:DIN127, DIN125, DIN9021, DIN440, USS, SAE, ISO, JIS, ASME, UNI, EN, GB, GOST, etc.
Shape:round and square
Size:M3-M76; #4-3"; etc.
Delivery time:Normally in 10-30 days.
Package:Cartons & pallets or according to customer's requirement.

Differences Between Flat and Spring Washers

A flat washer is also known as a plain washer. The characteristic of a flat washer is its design of a flat and thin plate of metal with a hole in the center. While the type of spring washer is featured with a curved shape. Spring washer manufacturers produce this shape which prevents spring washers from laying flush against a surface. Flat and spring washers are both used to distribute the load of a fastener.

  • The biggest difference between flat and spring washers is their shape.

  • Besides, they are used in different applications. For instance, flat washers are traditionally used. In the case of machines and objects that vibrate, spring washers are much more advisable.

  • What is more, the spring washer price is generally much higher than the flat washer's.

FAQs about Tianchuang Washers

What determines the size of a washer?

A washer's size is determined by the inner diameter of the washer. For instance, the dimensions of a spring washer are critical to its successful implementation because small size has its value.

Why should I choose Tianchuang as my spring washer manufacturer?

Tianchuang has a variety of bulk flat washers, custom flat washers, spring clip washers, zinc plated flat washers, high strength washers for our customers. As a professional flat washer manufacturer, we make sure all the flat washers are of high quality.

Where are washers used?

Flat washers and spring washers are used on a bolt, between the installation material and the nut to provide a smooth even surface area for the nut to tighten against.