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Talent Concept

  • Respecting Virtue, Talent, Knowledge and Growth

    Respecting Virtue, Talent, Knowledge and Growth

    Adhering the concept of "Respecting Virtue, Talent, Knowledge and Growth", creating the environment of "Guaranteed work, opportunities for learning, Promotion channels, Happy life". Through "value guidance, knowledge edification and organizational strengthening", create an excellent team with mission, responsibility and creativity, to achieve our strategic objectives.

  • Virtue


    Virtue is the base of human. Tianchuang pays attention to the honesty and virtue, selects talents depend on the comprehensive quality.

  • Talent


    Tianchuang choose talents and give them the best platform. The talents with the ability of creating value, promoting management, promoting efficiency are the valuable wealth. Through the processes "selecting, using, training and retaining", give the position to the right talent. Tianchuang always offer the best platform for the excellent talents!

  • Knowledge


    Knowledge and action combine together, tianchuang pays attention to the training in practical work. Through "Technical training, practical work, unified values, cultural heritage", Tianchuang help talent to find the real value in work and life.

  • Growth


    The growth of staff and enterprise is the Tianchuang talent development concept. We build up the multiple promotion platform including producing, management, technology, sales, which create the promotion and development opportunities for all working staff. Enjoying the value from creation, the happiness from work and daily life, the staff get progress day by day.