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Q215 Steel Pipe
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Q215 Steel Pipe

Q215 steel pipe is a carbon structural steel (GB/700-1999), Q-yield, 215- is the minimum yield point (σs) value of the grade. Such steel is generally smelted by converter or open hearth furnace. The main raw material is molten iron and scrap steel. The content of sulfur and phosphorus in steel is higher than that of high quality carbon structural steel. Generally, sulfur is ≤0.050% and phosphorus is ≤0.045%.

The content of other alloying elements brought into the steel by the raw materials, such as chromium, nickel and copper, is generally not more than 0.30%. According to the composition and performance requirements, the grades of such steels are Q195, Q215A, B, Q235A, B, C, D. Q255A, B, Q275 and other steel grades. The main characteristics are high plasticity, toughness and weldability, good pressure processing properties, but low strength can be folded

Executive standard: GB/T 3091-2015 "welded steel pipe for low pressure fluid transportation" GB/T 13793-2016 "straight seam electric welded steel pipe"

Q215 steel pipe

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