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ASTM A53 Steel Pipe
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ASTM A53 Steel Pipe

What is ASTM A53?

ASTM A53 is a carbon steel alloy which is used in structural steel or low-pressure plumbing. ASTM International set by the alloy specifications including the specification of ASTM A53/A53M.  ASTM A53 is a pipe specification for mechanical and pressure applications.

ASTM A53 Steel Pipe

ASTM A53 steel pipe is a standard specification for black and hot-dipped, zinc-coated, welded and seamless steel pipe, and is for mechanical and pressure applications as well as for steam, water, gas and air piping in general use.

ASTM A53 can be formed and welded. Specify the correct pipe size using the nominal pipe size (NPS). This is the nominal pipe diameter for specified wall thickness (i.e., 4 inch Schedule 40 pipe).

ASTM A53 steel pipe is determined according to the nominal pipe size (NPS) system. It is usually available with national pipe thread ends or with plain cut ends. It can be used for the transportation of steam, water, and air. It is also weldable and can be used in structural applications, although ASTM A500 tube, which is available in the same NPS sizes, is sometimes can be the first choice.

  • Executive standard: ASTM A53 welded steel pipe for low-pressure fluid transportation ASTM A53 straight seam electric welded steel pipe" Q/HBTC 001-2016 "welded steel pipe"   

  • Scope of application: conveying low-pressure fluids such as water, air, heating steam and gas; structural use such as machinery and construction.

ASTM A53 Steel Pipe

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