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S235JR steel pipe
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S235JR steel pipe

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What is Grade S235JR Structural Steel?

Structural steel is a standard building material made from specific grades of steel and molded to a series of industry-standard sectional shapes (or "sections"). Structural steel grades are designed according to specific chemical compositions and mechanical properties. Grade S235JR is structural grade (S) with a minimum yield strength of 235 N/mm²m, but in which a "rolling condition" is provided. S235JR pipe has good high yield and tensile strength, but if the material is heat treaed at the temperature over 600℃, it will be affected.

Usage of S235JR Steel Pipe

S235JR steel pipe can be used in construction engineering, central air conditioning pipe, steel furniture and civil chimneys.

S235JR pipe also has other applications, such as fences, threading pipe, greenhouse pipe (trellis tube), column, light steel keel, sports equipment, tents, guardrail, etc.


Wholesale S235JR Steel Pipe From Tianchuang

As a professional S235JR Steel Pipe manufacturer/supplier, Tianchuan has a lot of experience in S235JR pipe manufacturing. With years of experience in production, Tianchuang has formed its own advantages in S235JR Steel Pipe manufacturing among all the S235 galvanized steel pipe suppliers. If you are interested in our S235JR Steel Pipe or you want to know more about it, welcome to consult. 

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