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Nuts are fasteners with internal threads and are used with the conjunction of a screw and nut set. As a type of metric nuts, hex nuts are widely used to screw together with a bolt for fastening. It is an original part that all production machinery must use. There are different types of nut hardware, such as zinc plated hex nut, hexagonal plain nut, hot-dip galvanized nut, high strength hex nut, octagonal nut, etc. As a leading security nuts manufacturer, we promise you different types of nut hardware available in Tianchuang.

Different Types of Nuts

Specification of security nuts

ZINC PLATED, Plain, Black Oxide, Hot dip galvanized, Chrome Plated, Passivation
Measurement system: Metric; INCH
Application: Heavy Industry, Automotive Industry
Place of Origin: HEBEI, China
Brand Name: TC; YT; OEM.
Standard: DIN934; GB; UNC/UNF; BSW; GOST; USS; ANSI; ASME; JIS; ISO; or customized.
Material: Carbon steel, stainless steel, Brass, Aluminum, etc.
Size:M4~M100 or #4-24" or be customized
Delivery mode: By air, by sea, or by express such as EMS, UPS, TNT, DHL, etc.
Advantage: Factory outlet and competitive price

Package: Cartons & pallets or according to customer's requirement.
Delivery time: Normally in 15-30 days
Grade: 4.8/6.8/8.8/10.9/12.9

How to Measure Nuts by Size?

Generally speaking, different types of screw nuts use four types of measurements, including the length of the shank, nut head size, the width of the shank, and the size of the thread. Nut screw types come in many different measurements and cannot be interchanged. 

  • Place the head of a nut into a motherboard nut gauge.    

They are available in most hardware and automotive parts stores and come in both metric and standard sizing.  

  • Measure the shank length of the metric trapezoidal nut from the bottom of the head

You can use a measuring tape to determine its overall length.  

  • Put the shank of the screw mount nut width gauge.

This measurement is the diameter of the shank and can be in either metric or standard sizing.      

  • Unfold and attach the thread pitch gauge to the threads of the small screw nut.    

There will only be one gauge key on the thread gauge because millimeter and inch measurements are slightly different.

FAQs about Tianchuang Security Nuts

What are furniture connector nuts?

Furniture connector nuts are designed to be used in conjunction with furniture connector bolts, where the head diameter of both the nut and bolt is identical. They are mainly used for indoor and outdoor furniture.

What do motherboard nuts use for?

Motherboard nuts are used to tighten brass standoffs that support the motherboard. The standoff is a strange-looking brass screw, with a tall hex screw nut head, that is itself boring and threaded to accept the screws that hold the motherboard.

How do I connect screw and nut?

Screw and nuts are designed to hold two or more objects together. You can secure the screw and nut by taking a nut that fits the screw and placing it on the opposite side. Then you can grab the head of the screw and hold it still.