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A screw is a tool that uses the physics and mathematics of the oblique circular rotation of the object and the friction force to gradually tighten the objects and parts. Different screws and their uses are an indispensable industrial necessity in daily life. As long as there is an industry on the earth, the function of screws will always be important. Adjustable screws, heavy-duty screws, hollow screws, metric screws, small head screws, custom-made screws are features of Tianchuang bulk screws available. If you are interested in our high-quality screws, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Different Types of Screws

Specifications of screw fasteners

Tapping screws type:Drywall screws; self-drilling screws; Chipboard screw.
Customized support:OEM
Material:C1022A; or customized.
Surface treatment:Phosphate; zinc plate; DACROMET.
Payment term:Factory EXW; FOB; CFR; etc.
MOQ:500000 pieces
Package:Bulk; Small Box +outer Carton +pallets; etc.
Size:Customized Size

How to Select Different Screw Sizes

There are many different types of machine screws such as drywall screws, zinc plated self-drilling screws, stainless steel chipboard screws, etc. However, it is not easy for you to select the right size from different screw sizes. Here are several tips you can consider when buying screws.

  • Know more about how industrial screw sizes are listed. Sheet screws for metal studs sizes are listed using three separate numbers.

  • Estimate the appropriate length for your special screws. All types of screws generally are three times as long as the thickness of the object they are fastened. There are tiny screws and small screws.

  • Think about the diameter or gauge of your wholesale bulk screws.

  • Consult the screws manufacturer's instructions first when selecting different screw sizes.

Materials Used in Industrial Screw

Screws can be designed from a variety of different materials. Some materials may be much more popular than others. Following are three common materials used in industrial screws.

  • Steel screw: Steel and iron screws are most popular for the price of steel are lower. The weakness of the steel screw is that it is weaker than some of the other choices.

  • Stainless screw: Stainless screws are better against corrosion. If a screw is going to be exposed to the elements, stainless screws are much more durable.

  • Aluminum screw: The aluminum screw is about the lightest weight screw and fastener compared with other materials.