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Guardrail Post

The column is usually square and cylindrical and can be cut according to the specific needs of the road. It is integrated with the guardrail. The specifications of the guardrail column are 4320×310×85×3.0, 4320×310×85×4.0, usually hot-plated. The zinc square tube has the advantage of being corrosion resistant and aesthetically pleasing. The road fence mesh is installed in a combination of mesh and column to facilitate transportation and is not subject to terrain fluctuations during installation. 

Characteristics of the column guard rail

The highway fence network has the characteristics of a simple grid structure, beautiful and practical, and convenient transportation. The installation is not restricted by terrain fluctuations, and it is highly adaptable to mountains, slopes and multi-bend areas. The price of this product is medium to low, suitable for highway and railway blockade networks, highway blockade networks, road traffic isolation networks, field fences, temporary isolation zone. 

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Display of guard rail columns

guard rail columns

Guardrail Columns

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