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Q195 DN15 200 HDG Round Pipe for Water, Air and Gas Pipe
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Q195 DN15 200 HDG Round Pipe for Water, Air and Gas Pipe

About Q195 DN15 200 HDG Round Pipe for Water, Air and Gas Pipe

  • Specification: DN15-200 round pipe

  • Raw Material: Q195 

  • Scope of application: conveying low-pressure fluids such as water, air, heating steam and gas; structural use such as machinery and construction

  • Executive standard: GB/T 3091-2015 "welded steel pipe for low-pressure fluid transportation" GB/T 13793-2016 "straight seam electric welded steel pipe" Q/HBTC 001-2016 "welded steel pipe"

  • Application: hot dip galvanized steel pipes are widely used in construction, machinery, coal, chemical, electric power, railway vehicles, automotive industry, roads, Bridges, containers, sports facilities, agricultural machinery, petroleum machinery, prospecting machinery manufacturing industry. Welded galvanized steel pipe with hot dip or electric galvanized layer on the surface. 

Galvanized steel can increase the corrosion resistance of steel tube and prolong the service life. Galvanized pipe USES is very wide, in addition to a general low pressure fluid such as water, gas, oil line pipe, also used as oil industry, especially the ocean oil field oil well pipe, oil pipe, chemical coking equipment of oil heater, the condensing, exchange of coal distillation wash oil cooler for tube, and trestle pile, mining tunnel supporting frame tube, etc.

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