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What are the production processes and uses of transparent hose?

1. The characteristics and processing technology of transparent pipe fittings

Transparent pipe fittings and hoses have the characteristics of being transparent and smooth, light in weight, beautiful in appearance, softness and good coloring. Wire insulation layer; transparent fluid tube is made of polyvinyl chloride resin with plasticizer, stabilizer and other additives in the process of processing and production into environmentally friendly non-toxic granules, which are made by extrusion molding. Specializing in the research and development and manufacture of PVC transparent pipes, clear PVC pipe supplier works to supply the best quality products.

2. Application of transparent pipe fittings

Transparent pipe fittings and hoses are widely used in practical life applications . Below we mainly introduce the characteristics and application scope of several PVC transparent hoses:

1. Transparent tube: suitable for liquid transportation under normal temperature and general working pressure in the fields of industry and agriculture, engineering, fish farming, aquarium aquaculture, etc. It can also be used as a door lock handle sheath. Applicable temperature: -5 ℃ ~65 ℃. There are no specific requirements for this kind of transparent pipe fittings. You can choose according to your own size, mainly because of good light transmission.

2. Water pipeline (oil pipeline): transparent, non-toxic, odorless, pressure-resistant, tensile-resistant, corrosion-resistant and aging-resistant , beautiful in appearance, soft and lightweight, applicable temperature: -5 ℃ ~65 ℃. This kind of tube has relatively high requirements and must be non-toxic and tasteless.

3. Protective sleeve tube: use: liquid transportation under normal working pressure, can also be used as door lock handle sheath, craft gift packaging and children's toys accessories; applicable temperature: -5 ℃ ~65 ℃.

4. Pressure-resistant fluid pipe: It is a liquid conveying hose for general working pressure. It is a special pipe for industry, agriculture and construction. It can also be used for water, oil and gas transportation in engineering. The transparent pipe fittings are made of high- quality pvc material, soft and elastic, bright in color, various in variety, light in weight and pressure resistance, good in weather resistance and small in bending radius.

The transparent tube PVC has high transparency and acid corrosion resistance. The products are mainly used in semiconductor, biomedicine, liquid crystal panels, solar energy, environmental protection equipment and other industries. The products can be used as protection pipes or pipes for directly transporting corrosive liquids. The inner wall of the pipes is smooth, Avoid scaling, good visibility, easy to check for abnormalities, and avoid the danger of liquid leakage. Welcome to consult.

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