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What is EMT Pipe

What is EMT pipe? The corrosion resistance of the pipeline is greatly improved by spraying hot-melt process and spraying powder coating evenly on the inner and outer surfaces of the pipeline. The inner surface of the coating is natural and smooth, and the fluid transportation is greatly reduced.

There are generally two types of joint coating for emt pipe. No matter what kind of joint repair is carried out, the required raw materials must be prepared first, mainly including heat shrinkable tape and electric melting sleeve.

The bottom layer of the steel pipe is an integral coating formed by epoxy resin, adhesive in the middle layer and polyethylene in the outer layer. The thermal spraying epoxy powder is used, and the powder is welded on the surface of the pipe body by high temperature heating to form a steel plastic alloy layer.

There are two kinds of fusion bonded epoxy powder steel pipes (single-layer and double-layer). Compared with single-layer epoxy powder, double-layer epoxy powder is an ideal coating. The construction principle refers to using the single-layer fusion bonded epoxy powder as the bottom coating, and the modified fusion bonded epoxy powder is used as the outer protective layer, so that the double-layer performance is significantly improved, and the requirements of high temperature resistance, high temperature resistance and impact resistance are met, and the single layer is retained Compatibility of fusion bonded epoxy powder layer with cathodic protection.

The outer wall of steel pipe adopts the hot-melt winding process to form a double-layer coating of epoxy resin at the bottom layer, adhesive at the middle layer and polyethylene at the outer layer.

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